ParaWorld by Zeilord



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Meine Extra-Mods

Apple Core by squeek502
bspkrsCore, ArmorStatusHUD & StatusEffectHUD by bspkrs
MmmMmmMmmMmm by Boni
NEI Addons by bdew
NEI Integration by Tonius
Not Enough Resources by Way2muchnoise, Hilburn
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin by DjGiannuzz
Thaumcraft Node Tracker by Dyonovan
Thaumic Inventory Scanning by BlayTheNinth
TiC Tooltips by squeek502
Waila Harvestability by squeek502
Waila Plugins by tterag
Wawla by Darkhax


Ancient Warfare 2 by Shadowmage4513
Archimedes' Ships by BalkondeurAlpha
ArchitectureCraft by Greg Ewing
Aroma1997Core by Aroma1997
Baubles by Azanor
Backpacks by Eydamos
BetterChests by Aroma1997
BiblioCraft by Nuchaz
Binocular by Apa
Biomes O' Plenty by TDWP_FTW, Adubbz
Chisel 2 by warlordjones, tterrag1098, TheCricket26, Drullkus
Chococraft by clienthax
CodeChickenCore by Chickenbones
CodeChickenLib by Chickenbones
Coffin Mod by Beardielover
Cosmetic Armor Reworked by LainMI
CraftHeraldry by Vazkii_
CreativeCore by CreativeMD
Custom Main Menu by Lumien
Custom NPCs by Noppes_
D3Core by Dries007
DamageIndicators by rich1051414
DecoCraft by RazzleberryFox
Decorative Chimney by Starsetter
Decorative Marble by Starsetter
DrZhark's Mo' Creatures by DrZhark
DynamicLights by AtomicStryker
EnchantingPlus by DarkhaxDev
EnderCore by tterrag1098
EnhancedPortals 3 by polyrobot
ExternalFrost by Alz454
ExtraBiomesXL by annysia63
FastCraft by Player
Flesh2Leather by 2BeCristi
Forbidden Magic by SpitefulFox
Fossils and Archeology Revival by Microjunk, Shadowbeast007, tyranno66, 4f6f3b, Cannibal Vox, JTGhawk137, Alexthe666, iLexiconn
Forge Multipart by Chickenbones
Forge Relocation - FMP Plugin by MrTJP
ForgeRelocation by MrTJP
Flaxbeard's Steam Power by Flaxbeard
FTBLib by jaredlll08, LatvianModder
Fusion by skrallexy, Sinhika
FusionUtil by FusionLord
Gem Buffs by Wiiboy222
Gliby's Voice Chat by thegliby
GraveStone Mod by henkelmax
Growthcraft by Alatyami
Hardcore Darkness by Lumien231
Hardcore Ender Expansion by chylex
Hexxit Gear by Shadows_of_Fire
Hopperducts by FyberOptic
Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize
Infernal Mobs by AtomicStryker
Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
IvToolkit by Ivorforce
JABBA by ProfMobius
JourneyMap by techbrew
JurassiCraft by lordcazsius
KingCore by Duke605
Lantern by InfinityRaider
LLibrary by gegy1000, pau101, BobMowzie, FiskFille, TheCyberBrick, WorldSEnder
LycanitesMobs by Lycanite
Mantle by mDiyo, progwml6
MC + Mod API, Cart & Wheel by andykuo1
Mine & Blade: Battlegear by rich1051414
MineTweaker by StanH
MineTweakerRecipeMaker by DoubleDoorDev
Mithril Mod by Dawars00
MobCages by Quintinity
ModTweaker by jaredlll08, joshie, SpitefulFox
MoreBows by shinymew
More Player Models by Noppes_
MrTJPCore by MrTJP
Natura by mDiyo
Natural Absorption by FatherToast
Necromancy by AtomicStryker
No More Recipe Conflicts by stimmedcow
Not Enough Items by Chickenbones
ObsCore by JimMiningWorm
ObsTrophies by JimMiningWorm
OptiFine by OptiFine Team
Pam's Harvestcraft by Pam
Placeble Items by Ferdz_
Paleocraft Cambrian by Paleocraft Team
Prehistoric Spawns by JayZX535
Project Red by MrTJP, Chickenbones
RandomAdditions by CreativeMD
Randomite by Cricket
Random Things by lumien
Reliquary by x3n0ph0b3
Resource Loader by lumien231
Roguelike Dungeons by greymerktv
Ruins by AtomicStryker
Simple Core by skrallexy, Sinhika
Simple Ores by skrallexy, Sinhika
Soul Shards: The Old Ways by SgtPunishment
SpecialMobs by FatherToast
StacksOnStacks by Madxmike856
StartingInventory by bspkrs, jadedcat
Storage Drawers by jaquadro
Super Crafting Frame by EdgarAllen
TextureGeneratorLib by WTF
Thaumcraft by Azanor
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects by Parker8283
Thaumic Horizons by Kentington
The Erebus by Erebus-Team
Thirst Mod by siberkilleurs
Tinker's Construct by boni, mDiyo
Tinker's Mechworks by mDiyo
ToolHeads by Duke605
TrapCraft by percivalalb
Waila by ProfMobius
Balkon's WeaponMod by BalkondeurAlpha
Werkbench by jakimfett
Witchery by Emoniph
Wolf Armor and Storage by satyrnidae
WTF Cave Biome by WTF
WTF Core by WTF
XPTeleporters by LatvianModder
Ye Gamol Chattels by Ivorforce
ZeldaSwordSkills by coolAlias