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Apple Skin by squeek502
AutoRegLib by Vazkii
Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded by kreezxil
BetterFPS by Guichaguri
BiblioCraft by JDSinclair
Chameleon by jaquadro
Chisel by tterag1098
Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2
ClientTweaks by BlayTheNinth
CodeChicken Lib 1.8+ by covers1624
ConnectedTexturesMod by tterag1098
Controlling by jaredlll08
CraftTweaker by jaredlll08
Diet Hoppers by RWTema
Ender Storage 1.8+ by covers1624
Even More Pixelmon Commands by xPXpanD
Extra Utilities 2 by RWTema
Fast Leaf Decay by Olafskii
Fast Furnace by Shadows_of_Fire
Fast Workbench by Shadows_of_Fire
FoamFix for Minecraft by asiekierta
Forge Multipart CBE by SirSengir
FTB Library by FTB
FTB Utilities by FTB
Hopper Ducts by FyberOptic
Hwyla by TehNut
Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
IronChests by cpw, progwml6
IV Chaining for Pixelmon by BeetoGuy
JourneyMap by techbrew
Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz
Just Enough Resources (JER) by _Axieum
KleeSlabs by BlayTheNinth
MalisisCore by Ordinastie
MalisisDoors by Ordinastie
Mantle by mDiyo
More Overlays by feldim2425
Morpheus by Quetzi
Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR97
Natura by mDiyo
Nether Portal Fix by BlayTheNinth
No Recipe Book by Seneschal_Luwin
OpenBlocks by OpenMods
OpenModsLib by OpenMods
Pixelmon Extras by Pixelmon Team
Pixelmon Information by Bletch1971
Pixelmon Reforged by Pixelmon Team
Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire
Psi by Vazkii_
Quark by Vazkii_
RandomThings by lumien
Ranged Pumps by lumien231
ReAuth by TechnicianLP
Snad by TheRoBrit
StorageDrawers by jaquadro
Super Sound Muffler by EdgarAllen
SwingThroughGrass by exidex
Toast Control by Shadows_of_Fire
VanillaFix by Runemoro
WAWLA by Darkhax
Wireless Redstone CBE by covers1624